Hops and History is a unique American history book that features craft breweries and beers from every state in the U.S.  It connects American history and folklore with breweries and beers that are named after locally, regionally and nationally historic people, places or events.  Click "Find a Story" above to view sample stories from the book.

     The concept for Hops and History came about after a cross-county trip that ended in the Pacific Northwest.  After visiting numerous amazing wineries and breweries, I came across a delightfully unusual man named Paul van der Veldt who runs a delightfully unusual winery named Shallon Winery in Astoria, OR.  Mr. van der Veldt's love for his community can be found in every inch of his winery, including on the labels of his unique whey-based wines.  After learning the history behind his wine labels, I started to notice that this same theme was not only found in craft breweries but it was actually commonplace all across the country.  Little did they know, craft breweries have been memorializing American history and folklore for decades and, when combined together, these stories provide a fascinating look into the United States of America.    -Jim Dent


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Jim Dent

     Jim Dent has spent the majority of his professional career working as a schoolteacher.  He has attended a number of schools and holds degrees from both Penn State and Clemson University.  He now lives in beautiful Boise, ID.  Hops and History is his first book. 

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