SingleSpeed Brewing Co.

Tip the Cow Cocoa Espresso Milk Stout

Waterloo, IA

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    Cow tipping is a legendary American pastime, one that requires stealth, courage, and possibly a few beers.  Stories of cow tipping have pervaded American culture and are now found in popular movies, television shows, songs and even video games.  Many cow tippers can even explain the different strategies and techniques they use to help them accomplish the daring feat.  The only problem is, none of it is true.  Cow tipping does not actually exist.
    Cow tipping is generally established under the pretense that some country folks who have nothing better to do, decide to find some sleeping cows (who are sleeping while standing up) and push them over, all for a lark.  Once the cow falls onto its side it has a difficult time getting up, leaving ample time for the humans to escape unharmed.  This concept of knocking over animals for sport and leaving them with little ability to right themselves can actually date as far back as Julius Caesar, who falsely claimed that European elk had no knees, but the idea that cows are unable to stand up after being “tipped” took root in the 1970s and then caught on as a popular fad in the 1980s.  Since then, stories of cow tipping have spread across the nation.
    There are some interesting facts that arise around the activity, facts that likely invalidate any stories about someone successfully tipping over a cow:

-Cows do not have a hard time getting up.  In fact, they’re quite good at it.  Cows often lay down to sleep or rest and get back up with no trouble.  
-Cows are very difficult to surprise, even when sleeping.  Cows are much more keenly adapted to life on the pasture than humans and will usually be aware of anyone or anything trying to surprise them.  Cows only sleep lightly while standing up and whenever they enter a deep sleep they almost always lie down.
-Cows don’t like to be tipped over.  If you tried to push a cow over it would most likely resist, causing the animal to widen its stance and brace itself.  And since the animal has four legs it can become extremely stable.
-Cows are huge!  An adult cow can easily weigh over 1,500 pounds and a bull can exceed 2,500 pounds.  A scientific study exploring the possibilities of cow tipping was carried out by the University of British Columbia in 2005 and concluded that it would take at least 3,000 newtons (670 lbf) of force to knock over the animal, something that no single person could ever accomplish.  The study also noted that it would take at least four very strong and talented cow tippers to accomplish the task although other scientists have analyzed the data and feel that it could take as many as ten or even fifteen people to tip over one cow.
-Cows are not the clueless, weak-kneed, clumsy animals that most cow tipping stories make them out to be.  In fact, they have an excellent sense of hearing, smell and night vision, all of which would alarm them of oncoming threats, and they are surprisingly nimble for their size.

    Even a search of the Internet does not result in one authentic video of anyone actually tipping over a cow.  Given the facts, it is hard to believe that anyone has ever truly succeeded in cow tipping and, in the end, it’s probably best to go for a Tip the Cow Cocoa Espresso Milk Stout from SingleSpeed Brewing Co. instead.

     From the Brewer:  Have you ever reveled in the essence of a chocolate-covered espresso bean?  How about in the form of a beer?  This full bodied, creamy, milk stout has been touched by the gentle hand of Sidecar Coffee Roasters, resulting in a rich but smooth option, boasting notes of roast and cocoa alongside velvety sweetness.  
ABV 6.2%, IBU 34
David Morgan - Founder


An approximately 1,300 pound Holstein cow